Behind The Scenes: PARTYNEXTDOOR feat. Drake - Recognize 

Photo By: Levante Vinson

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Drake needs to seize the day. Views from the six? That’s an iphone commercial right there.

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"Conversations with big bro"

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a 100% accurate map of north america as drawn by a canadian

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Chapter 34


I laughed writing this. Byeeeee.

She responded to his kiss by parting her lips just enough to feel his tongue find its way into her mouth. He hasn’t smoked in a while..she smiled against his lips. “I like it when you smell good.” she told him touching his arms through the kiss.

I like you period.” he laughed at her rubbing her arms. “Come on…” he led her into her bedroom feeling himself remember the first time he was in her house with boxes all over the floor and baby toys digging in their backs. He sat down on the edge of her unmade bed taking off his shirt watching her lean down on top of him, still dressed her a sleeveless t-shirt and her bright printed scrub pants from work. She felt his hands try to pull through her styled hair as she kissed his lips moving to his ear lobe.

I missed you.” she whispered continuing to work on his ear and neck sliding her hand down to the front of his jeans. “That’s good right?” she asked him.

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